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OLAY | #MakeSpaceForWomen

Olay came to us with an approved Super Bowl ad but no idea how they would spark conversation with it on social during the loudest night of the year. With literal days, we took the existing 'Make Space for Women' spot and their partnership with Girls Who Code to create the 202 campaign.

Why 202? Well, 2/02 was the date of the game, while 202 is a common error code meaning the action has 'not been completed.' The action in question? Women have been asking for space, and they're just not getting it. With ever tweet, Olay would donate $1 to Girls Who Code in hopes to create more space for the next generation of STEM scholars


With factoids, quote cards, and football-related stats, we took up as much 'space' as we could during the big game

We repurposed BTS content & video footage from the spot to create new content

...and we filled the pockets of our Community Managers with reaction GIFs for fan interactions and game commentary


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